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2014-12-22 to 2015-03-30 End


js56金沙线路In 2015, we sincerely invite those individuals and teams who love theater construction and acoustic decoration, who have outstanding performance and good morality, and who are experienced in building industry.  See the following information for posts

一. Engineering
u. General Manager of Project Management Center (1): architecture major; Top Grade National Certified Constructor; 40-50; senior engineer is expected. The duty is to manage company’s projects.
u. Manager of Quality and Safety Division (1): Engineering major; the person with medium-grade professional title or Certified Safety Officer enjoys the priority; the manger shall be able to establish quality and safety management system.
u. Project Manager and Technical Director (some): engineering major with medium-grade professional title or Top Grade National Certified Constructor.
u. Business and Budget & Settlement Manager (exhibition and decoration) (3): engineering major; familiar with project contract management; familiar with tendering & bidding law and construction law; be able to complete budget and settlement of large-scale decorations or exhibition projects.
u. Director for Light and Audio (1):  years’ experience on light and audio management; the person with large theater construction management will be considered first.
u. Other posts, such as decorative material buyer, budgeter, construction crew, water and electricity engineer, engineer auditor, quality and safety engineer, and safety engineers, are under hot recruitment…
二. Marketing
u. Vice President for Marketing (1): the person is expected to be with marketing experience, decoration design, experience, construction experience and B2B business experience.  
u. Tendering and Biding Manager (marketing center) (3): be keen on theater and acoustic decoration; be familiar with tendering and biding law and procedures; working places are Beijing, Nanjing and Shenzhen
u. Marketing Filing Manager (1): with strong ability of PR; master the files of branch companies; master tendering and bidding laws and relevant execution skills.
u. Other posts, such as business director, sales operation assistant, are under hot recruitment.
三. Designing
u. Vice President of Designing Institute (2): each in charge of marketing and management of Designing Institute; the persons are expected to be with decoration design or construction engineering majors; or more than 8 years’ working experience about marketing and team management in construction design institutes.
u. Director of Decoration Design Institute (1): architecture or indoor design major with project experience. Working place: Beijing
u. Director for Light and Audio Design (1): better to be with years’ experience on stage light and audio, and with tendering and bidding experience.
u. Project Designers (3): with strong ability for project designing; be able to complete public decoration of over 20,000 square meters. Working places: Beijing, Shenzhen.
u. Other posts, such as light and audio designer, construction draw designer, detailed designers and graphic designers, are under hot recruitment…
四. Functional
u. Vice President for Operation (1): management major; manage company’s operation platform and procedure construction
u. Performance Director (1): with more than 3 years’ full-time working experience on performance management; with good HR qualification.
u. Vice President for Copywriter Plans (1): Chinese Language and Literature or Chinese major; good at writing; and familiar with brand promotion.
js56金沙线路Other posts, such as exhibition designers, business supervisor of Designing Institute, are under hot recruitment…

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 Please pay attention to the above websites and you are welcome to apply for them. However, the persons who can be be engaged in theater construction are few of the few and the lucky of the lucky.

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